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Electrical safety and awareness – an introduction (Repairs & maintenance)

Social housing eligibility (Legal)

Emotional intelligence – developing it (Personal development)

Epilepsy awareness (Mental health and wellbeing)

An introduction to equality and diversity (Equality & diversity)

Successful financial and business performance – masterclass (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

Fundraising for charities (Technical)

Corporate fundraising (Technical)

Fundraising for Trusts, Tenant Associations, Groups, Committees (Resident involvement)

GDPR – masterclass (Legal)

Hate crime awareness workshop (Equality & diversity)

Hoarding – working effectively with hoarders (Mental health & wellbeing)

Hoarding – advanced (Mental health & wellbeing)

Homelessness and allocations – masterclass (Legal)

Illegal evictions (Legal)

Investigative interviewing skills – essentials (one day) (Personal development)

Investigative interviewing skills – in-depth (two day) (Personal development)

Investigative interviewing skills – advanced (one day) (Personal development)

Islamic awareness (Equality & diversity)

Housing law – a basic survival guide/introduction (Legal)

Housing law – advanced (Legal)

Housing case law update (Legal)

Leasehold – service changes (Legal)

Life coaching – what it is and how to apply it/how to help residents develop theirs (Personal development)

Lone working (Personal development)

Management – middle managers and team leaders – intensive skills workshop (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

Managing and motivating people with powerful leadership skills – masterclass (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

Managing for the first time – navigating the first six months (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

Meetings : Effective meetings – chairing and minute taking (Personal development)

Mental Capacity Act – understanding it (Mental health & wellbeing)

Mental health awareness (Mental health & wellbeing)

Mental health awareness – advanced (Mental health & wellbeing)

Mental health awareness for managers (Mental health & wellbeing)

Mental health issues, substance abuse, suicidal behaviour – dealing with them face-to-face and over the phone (Mental health & wellbeing)

Mindfulness (Mental health & wellbeing)

Modern slavery (Legal)

Practical money skills for tenants (Income management/Universal credit/Welfare benefits)

Motivational interviewing (Personal development)

Moving and handling of people (Supported and sheltered housing)

Negotiation and influencing skills (Personal development)

Neuro-linguistic programming (Personal development)

Nutrition and hydration in the Care Home (Supported and sheltered housing)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) (Mental health & wellbeing)

OCD and hoarding (Mental health & wellbeing)

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