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Access, abandonment, unauthorised occupancy and sub-letting (Legal)

Accessible and adaptable housing (Repairs and maintenance)

Active support and deskilling avoidance for dementia/learning disability and care clients/residents (Supported and sheltered housing)

Addiction and behaviour (Mental health and wellbeing)

Alcohol awareness (Mental health and wellbeing)

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and how to tackle it (Legal)

Working with and understanding anxiety (Mental health and wellbeing)

Arrears prevention, control and debt recovery (Income management/Universal credit/Welfare benefits)

Assertive outreach for support workers – rough sleeping strategy (Personal development)

Assertiveness – The art of communicating ‘what you want’ (Personal development)

Assessing and managing client needs and risk in supported and sheltered housing (Supported and sheltered housing)

Autism awareness (Mental health and wellbeing)

Behaviour – understand the impact of yours & others – ‘insightful you’ (Personal development)

Understanding benefits in a day (Income management/Universal credit/Welfare benefits)

Bereavement and loss workshop (Mental health & wellbeing)

Board members : Boardroom behaviour – how to make a difference and improve your Board, leaders and organisation (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

Board members: Failure – what could happen and what should happen!  (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

Board members: Leadership – what it means to you and those you lead (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

Board members: Strategy – what it is and how to use it to be more efficient, cohesive and competitive (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

Board members: What it means to be a Board member including ‘Governance – what is it?’ (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

Introduction to building regulations and planning permission (Repairs & maintenance)

The Care Act – understanding it (Mental health & wellbeing)

Child sexual exploitation (Legal)

Working with complex client issues (Mental health & wellbeing)

Climate change – actions and awareness (Technical)

CMI level 3 award in first line management (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

CMI level 3 certificate in first line management (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

CMI level 3 diploma in first line management (Leadership/Management/Team leader/Supervisor)

Solution focused coaching (Personal development)

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) (Mental health & wellbeing)

Complaint and abusive contact handling workshop (Customer services)

Confidence and self esteem building (Personal development)

Conflict management with breakaway and disengagement techniques (Customer services)

Condensation, damp and mould – causes, cures and the courts (Repairs & maintenance)

Customer service masterclass (Customer services)

The psychology of debt – working effectively with those in or at risk of debt (Income management/Universal credit/Welfare benefits)

Dementia awareness (Mental health & wellbeing)

Managing depression in the workplace (Mental health & wellbeing)

Disability in the workplace (Equality & diversity)

Disability learning awareness (Mental health & wellbeing)

Housing disrepair claims – preventing them – including the implications of the Homes (fitness for human habitation) Act 2018 (Legal)

Diversity and inclusion (Equality & diversity)

Diversity coaching and mentoring for executives, leaders, managers (Equality & diversity)

Diversity development for boards, trustees, committees (Equality & diversity)

Domestic abuse awareness – looking behind closed doors (Legal)

Drug awareness (Mental health & wellbeing)

Drug and alcohol awareness (Mental health & wellbeing)

Dysphagia awareness and support (Mental health & wellbeing)

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